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Kia Ora!

SFFCONZ is a new non-profit society that has been set up to support science fiction and fantasy conventions and events in New Zealand.

SFFCONZ has a non-profit status, so any convention that runs as a project of SFFCONZ can share that status.  SFFCONZ will also have some financial resources. These have a number of benefits.

  • Automatic non-profit status. Memberships in the convention are non-taxable.
  • Financial resources for paying deposits.
  • As a non-profit incorporated society, there are certain legal protections if something goes wrong.
  •  and more… (to come)

SFFCONZ would be assuming some risks and responsibilities, therefore there will be some requirements to be a project of SFFCONZ.

  • The convention will need to show budgeting
  • The convention will need to report on finances a number of times a year.
  • A few more legal things… (to come)